ThunderRidge Senior Project benefits City Lax

April 29, 2014 - 4:57 PM


For the second straight year, a member of the ThunderRidge Boy’s Lacrosse team has organized a senior project that raises funds to benefit Denver City Lax.

This year, Blake Sandman organized a lacrosse clinic over MLK Jr weekend where all proceeds went to City Lax.  Between registration from clinic attendees and the generous support he received from the clinic sponsor – Cardel Homes -, Blake raised $1,000!

We’d like to thank Blake and ThunderRidge for the effort and time that was put into making this donation to City Lax!

Boom Town Lacrosse Matching Stick Donation

April 17, 2014 - 9:30 AM


As one of our 2014 Mile High Gala Sponsors, Boom Town Lacrosse, matched every stick purchased in the fund-a-cause special appeal auction at the Gala.  For every stick a Gala attendee purchased, Boom Town Lacrosse bought one as well.

Gala attendees jumped at the opportunity to double their impact and raised their bidder paddles to fund a total of 64 new sticks.


Boom Town Lacrosse matched every single one – allowing City Lax to receive a total of 128 new lacrosse sticks.

Boom Town Lacrosse has been a strong supporter of City Lax and our mission.  Check out some of the awesome lacrosse events they put together!

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Game Day Sights & Sounds – Saturday, April 12

April 15, 2014 - 12:07 AM


Saturday, April 12 marked the second weekend of games for the 2014 Spring Lacrosse season.  There were teams playing all over – from Denver to Boulder to Evergreen.  All the teams did well (some wins and losses), and carried out the Theme of the Week - Leadership!  Leadership is one of our favorite Themes of the Week.  Our friends over at SportsChallenge Leadership Academy said it best, “Nothing compares to the teachable leadership moments that exist every practice and game.  Sports are often the first opportunity young students have to develop skills.” 

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Eric Law’s 3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Sticks Skills at Home

April 10, 2014 - 8:07 PM

Photo Credit: John Strohsacker

One of the biggest differences between lacrosse and all other sports is instead of using our hands directly, we use a lacrosse stick.  Having good stick skills and being comfortable with the stick in your hands will automatically make you a better lacrosse player.  Like everything else in life, you need to practice to become better.  If you want to become a better player, here are just three things (other than wall ball) you can do to improve your stick skills while at home.

1. Start with a ball in your stick.  Toss the ball up above your head and catch it with your same hand.  Then put the stick in your off hand and do the same.  Once you start to get comfortable, you can throw the ball up with your strong hand and catch it with your off hand (See Image below).  Then throw it with your off hand and catch it with your strong hand.  If you get really good at this, then try doing different combinations of switching hands and not tossing the ball as high to make it harder on yourself.  The harder the combination the better!


2.  Try to stop the ball on the side of the head.  Also, bounce the ball on the side of your head and see how many you can get in a row.


3. Cradle with a ball.  If done inside, use a softer ball like a tennis ball. Cradle around the house switching hands and dodging different items (make sure this is ok with your parents!).  Remember magic hands!  One good way to practice cradling and protecting your stick is to stand in front of a mirror and if you are protecting your stick so well that your can’t see the stick, you’re doing it correctly!

Just having your stick in your hands will make you a better player. The more time spent with it, the more comfortable you will get, and better player you can become.   Practice good habits!!!  No spinning or twirling your sticks!

If you have any questions on any of these or any other way to get a better stick please feel free to contact me ( at any time!  Remember, you don’t become a better player overnight, it takes hours of perfect practice!!

- Coach Eric


2014 City Lax Gear

- 4:16 PM


Our new City Lax apparel is in and will be available beginning Saturday, April 12.  All apparel will be available at home games.  There are limited quantities and sizes, so be sure to get your size before it’s gone.





If you have questions, E-Mail Coach Ben -