Parent Spotlight: Yolanda Honeycutt-Brown

November 9, 2015 4:42 PM


Meet Yolanda!  She’s a lacrosse Mom through and through.  She’s at the lacrosse field every day willing to lend a hand and assist in any way she can.  It’s great to have her, and her whole family, apart of City Lax!

How did you hear about City Lax?

I learned about Denver City Lax from Coach Steve.

What do you think is the best thing about City Lax?

The best…I would say the coaches.

Coach Ben has the most welcoming smile and authentic personality. He has a genuine love for the game of lacrosse and each of the player. Ben extends his hand in friendship to each of the player by stating “Hey call me and we can hang out” and really means it.

Coach Rod; knows each of the players names and will confront referees and other coaches when they cross the line.

Coaches Eric and Dillon: Hearing comments from Ezekiel about how each of them play. Ezekiel stated, “Man, did you see how Coach Dillon checked that other player?” “Did you see that goal Coach Eric made?” I told that lady that I was Eric’s nephew. (At an Outlaw game).  Seeing Coach Dillon holding a lacrosse stick while Ezekiel hangs from it and Coach Eric partnering up with him for skills workouts.  I could go on and on because there are so many things that make me smile when I think about Denver City Lax.

What is your favorite memory of City Lax?

Our favorite memories are bundled in summer tournaments. When Ezekiel scored over his shoulder. I’m biased. Our last season 2015 U9 the team was cohesive and players who never attempted to score were taking shots on goal. Players began to define who they were and the positions they were good playing.

Do you have a special message to donors?

Making an investment or donation to Denver City Lax is more than donating to a sports team. It is investing in the lives of students. Denver City Lax is about creating lasting legacies in these players by paving a way academically first and athletically second. Education is a must; sports are privilege. When we change the lives of children we shape the future of our country.

Is the cost of City Lax being 100% free of charge important to you?  If so, why?

It is and isn’t. I know that this sport is expensive; lacrosse sticks, bags, cleats, team fees, tournaments and insurance. With our own income it is important. My desire to support Denver City Lax financially is always in the back of my mind.

Are there any experience that you have had with City Lax that you would like to share?

Meeting Team Uganda and having Joseph participate in the FIL Youth Games. Seeing Joseph play against some of the top teams across the United States was amazing. Team Uganda’s embracement of both Joseph and Ezekiel was heartwarming. Many of the members of that team still ask about Ezekiel and like videos of him that are posted.


Ezekiel meeting his lacrosse hero (not sure that’s the word he would use) Chazz Woodson was incredible. In 2012, after watching video footage of Chazz Woodson Ezekiel scored his first ever goal in the spirit and likeness of him.

What experiences with City Lax have you taken part in that you never would’ve done without playing lacrosse?

I don’t think we would have experienced the FIL Lacrosse World Games 2014. We would not have made friends from other countries. Seeing lacrosse on a global stage warms my heart and seeing Coach Dillon play was absolutely phenomenal.

Have you seen a change in behavior at school or home since your child has been involved with City Lax?

My sons have sought to become better athletes and to pursue their dreams with fervor.

What is your favorite, and least favorite thing about lacrosse?

My favorite things about lacrosse is exposing my children to this sport and the international teams. Cheering on my favorite players Joseph #24, Ezekiel #01, the Incredible Hulk Dillon #91 and the Amazing Spider Man Eric #15. The least favorite is traveling far for a game and having to choose between which son’s game to go to.

What activities does your family like to do together?

We like to hike, swim, and play together. We like to doing many things together. Karaoke is my one of the many family activities we love, next we love attending sporting events.

Player Spotlight: DaVaughn (aka “Big D”)

October 22, 2015 1:39 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 7.35.15 PM

DaVaughn is a 4th grader at Cole Arts and Science and plays on the U9 team. He has been playing with City Lax for the past two seasons and has been a force between the pipes!

What are your future goals?

My goals have changed, I no longer want to be a football player, I want to be a professional lacrosse player and coach, to give back to community and help a kid out like my coaches have. Teach the game of lacrosse. If I don’t make it I want to be a police officer.

What other sports or activities are you involved in?

Football and Basketball

What is your favorite part about City Lax?

My favorite part of City Lax, is that my team is able to play kids all over the state and meeting new people. All the coaches push us to work hard and to do the best that we can do. I love to hear from other families that are not part of city lax what a great job I did in a game!

What life lessons have you learned from City Lax?

Never give up and keep working hard in whatever I do in life and to be a leader not a follower.

What has lacrosse taught you about yourself?

Lacrosse has taught me that I can do anything that I put my mind to. It has taught me how to be a leader and help others out when then need help. I am a team player because of lacrosse. It has given me experience that I would had never got in life.

Where do you want to go to college and what are you interested in studying?

Yes I want to go to college, I want to go to DU to play lacrosse and study law.

What’s something cool about you that your teammates don’t know?

I am great at math.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I am a great dancer.

What is your best memory from City Lax?

My best memory of City Lax is meeting Uganda players and being able to have practice with them and have a camp with them. It was a great experience to meet someone from another country and I still have contact with them.

Who is your favorite City Lax coach and why?

Coach Eric Law.  He has been my coach since I joined two years ago.  He is my favorite coach because he challenges me to throw the ball with my left hand. He has taught me how to not stop my feet and then throw the ball. He has challenged me to do things that I thought I couldn’t do, like being goalie.

Who’s your favorite role model and why?

All my coaches are my role model because they have taken up there time to teach me and give me support that I need.

How do you feel after making a great play in practice or a game?

I get super happy and I feel great. I love being goalie because it makes me stand out and be proud when I stop all the balls or at least try to! They say I am crazy for wanted to be goalie but I love it and I work hard at it! No balls getting through me.

2016 #CityLaxDash FAQ’s

October 12, 2015 10:00 PM


What is the Dash?

The Denver City Lax Dash is a 5K race that will take place at Washington Park on February 7th, 2016.  The race is bringing the Colorado lacrosse community together to support and rally around a great cause.    The Dash is a community service opportunity engaging the Colorado High School lacrosse community in a fundraising event benefiting Denver City Lax!    Last year, in 2015, over 150 HS lacrosse players from all over Colorado ran in the Dash making it the most successful non-profit fundraiser attributable to high school lacrosse players in Colorado lacrosse history!

Why run?

  • The Dash is a fundraiser for Denver City Lax.  By participating in the race, you are helping City Lax continue to create educational and enrichment opportunities for youth in underserved Denver areas through the sport of lacrosse.
  • Receive valuable community service hours (up to 20) that directly impact a kid’s life whom you share a common bond of lacrosse with.
  • Get in great shape before the start of your season.
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment by helping a local nonprofit while bettering yourself.
  • Be a part of the most successful non-profit fundraiser attributable to high lacrosse players in Colorado history.

How do I sign up?

  • 1. Fill out the City Lax Dash Registration Form
  • 2. We will create your online page and send it back to you (Be sure to check your email)
  • 3. Personalize your online page (Fundraising goal, personal picture, why you are running)
  • 4. Share your page with family and friends (Email, letter, social media, etc.)
  • 5. Go for a run and play wall ball to get ready for the season.

When and Where is the City Lax Dash?

  • The City Lax Dash will be on February 7th, 2016 at Washington Park (MAP) in Denver.
  • Race Day Logistics:
    • Park at South High School
    • 9:15 AM – Runner check in & snacks at City Lax tent
    • 10:00 AM – Race begins!
    • 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM – post race festivities (music, 3x lacrosse games, prizes, and more).

What is Denver City Lax?

  • Denver City Lax is a 501(c)(3) non-profit  youth development program using lacrosse as a platform for social change in urban Denver neighborhoods.  Hundreds of kids participate in our program delivering health, character and leadership skills that lead to academic success and positive social outcomes.  All of our programs are run at no cost to participants and their families.
  • We introduce 1,000’s of new kids to the sport and have over 250 full time participants.
  • Use themes found in lacrosse that translate over to daily life skills such as sportsmanship, responsibility, leadership and healthy living.
  • Mentoring, tutoring and academic advising.

How long is the race?

  • The City Lax Dash is a 5K race which is about 3.2 miles.
  • Runners should have the goal of finishing between 22-25 minutes.

How much does it cost to register for the City Lax Dash?

  • Each individual participating in the City Lax Dash is required to fundraise a minimum of $100 on their personal crowdfunding page.
  • Once the $100 minimum is met the individual will be entered into the race and will also receive a race t-shirt.

How do I get community service hours?

  • You can earn up to 20 hours of community service for participating in the City Lax Dash.
  • Community service hours are earned through the time you spend physically training for the Dash and fundraising in order to meet your goal.
  • It’s important each individual keep track of their own hours.

How Does Crowdrise Work?

Crowdrise is a team-based crowdfundraising platform.  Each school participating in the Dash has a team page, and each runner representing that school has their own personal page.  This is where you ask friends and family to support your running effort.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 10.14.10 AM

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 10.14.43 AM



What does the money that I fundraise go towards and are there any rewards?


When you raise $100 on your campaign you:

  • Will fully equip a City Lax player this Spring!
  • Will be entered for the #CityLaxDash and receive a race T-Shirt.



When you raise $250 on your campaign you:

  • Will sponsor a boy/girl for this upcoming spring season (includes all equipment, uniform, registration fees, etc)
  • Receive a City Lax hat (plus all items above)



When you raise $500 on your campaign you:

  • Will send a kid to a weeklong overnight lacrosse and leadership camp.
  • Receive a City Lax Hoodie (plus all items above)



When you raise $1000 on your campaign you:

  • Will provide a full scholarship for a kid for year.
    • Includes all equipment, registration fees, 1v1 mentorship, camps, travel/adventure, competitive team experience, etc).
  • Receive a City Lax shorts (plus all items above)


Have additional questions?

Contact Eric –



Player Spotlight: Cisco Gonzales

October 6, 2015 8:52 PM


Meet Cisco Gonzales!  Cisco is 13 and in the 8th grade at Denver School for International Studies.  He has been playing with City Lax for 5 years.  He continues to improve as a player, and is a great young man.  Cisco came to City Lax after first playing a year with the Boys and Girls Club. We are so happy that Cisco is a part of the City Lax family and hope you enjoy his spotlight!

How did you hear about City Lax?

I heard about it from Coach Ben while I was playing my first year of lacrosse at the Boys and Girls Club.

Have you had any other family members be a part of City Lax?

I have not had any family members be a part of City Lax. My sister however is about to start her first year.

What are your future goals?

My goals for the future are to graduate East High School and attend either Stanford or Johns Hopkins University. I would like to graduate from college and receive a degree in criminal justice and move on to the MLL. Since joining City Lax I have set a goal to take my lacrosse career to the next level.

What other sports or activities are you involved in?

Rugby, Basketball, Tennis, Golf

What is your favorite part about City Lax?

My favorite part about Denver City Lax is the relationships we form on and off the field. I consider City Lax as my second family. For example, I consider my teammates my brothers and my coaches my uncles.

What life lessons have you learned from City Lax?

I have learned many life lessons like to appreciate everything I have, to always fulfill your commitments at school and on the field, and to do everything you do to your best ability.

Do you want to go to college?

I either would like to attend Stanford or John’s Hopkins University and received a degree in criminal justice.

What is your best memory from City Lax?

I can’t decide on either the BCM trip or our last game of this season (2015). I like BCM because it made me appreciate everything I have and all the opportunities I get. I liked our last game because it made me realize where we came from and it was really nice when Coach Ben’s “allergies” were acting up but on a serious note it also gave me a chance to notice the relationships I have formed and how Denver City Lax is so much more than a lacrosse team.

How do you feel after making a great play?

It’s the best feeling ever because then you know that all the work, hours, blood, sweat and tears have paid off.

DU Women’s Lacrosse Visit Information

September 14, 2015 6:39 PM



On Tuesday, April 19 we will visit the University of Denver Women’s Lacrosse team.  City Lax participants will meet the DU players and coaches, and take a special tour of the University campus, and receive a lacrosse clinic.  This is a unique opportunity for City Lax girls to spend time with elite players, develop new relationships, and enjoy being on a college campus.


- Tuesday, April 19 from 4:30-6:00 PM
- Meet at 4:30 PM at base of stairs between Richie Center and Barton Stadium.


All City Lax Girls Participants.  Parents are also welcome to join.


- University of Denver, Peter Barton Stadium (MAP)
- We will be meeting in at the base of the stairs between the Richie Center and Barton Stadium.


Free Parking - Park on Franklin Street (4-5 block walk)
Paid Parking - There’s paid street parking along Buchtel and in the parking lot in front of the Richie Center along Buchtel.

What to Bring

- All lacrosse equipment
- Warm clothes
- Good questions to ask the coaches and players

Need a ride?

Call or E-Mail Coach Ben to coordinate – 303-725-5500 /



DU Men’s Visit Information

September 1, 2015 3:27 PM

Click here to RSVP



Come meet the reigning National Champions!  On Monday, April 25 we will be visiting the University of Denver Men’s Lacrosse team.  City Lax participants will watch practice, meet the DU players and coaches, and take a special tour of the University campus.  This is a unique opportunity for City Lax participants to not only spend time with the best players and coaches in the country but also get a glimpse at what it takes to be a college student-athlete.


- Monday, April 25 from 4:30-6:00 PM
- Meet at 4:30 PM in stands at Barton Stadium


All City Lax Boys Participants.  Parents are also welcome to join.


- University of Denver, Peter Barton Stadium (MAP)
- We will be meeting in the stands at Peter Barton Stadium.


- Free Parking – Park on Franklin Street (4-5 block walk)
- Paid Parking – There’s paid street parking along Buchtel and in the parking lot in front of the Richie Center along Buchtel.

What to Bring

- Lacrosse stick
- Warm clothes
- Good questions to ask the coaches and players

Need a ride?

Call or E-Mail Coach Ben to coordinate – 303-725-5500 /

Click here to RSVP

2015 Season Banquet

August 24, 2015 8:37 PM


On August 17, 2015 Denver City Lax participants, families, coaches/volunteers, and supporters gathered at City Park Pavilion to celebrate the 2015 Denver City Lax Season.

At the Banquet, two participants were awarded with the City Lax SOAR Award, which is given each year to one, or two, individual in the whole organization who best embodies the mission and goals of the organization.  Congratulations Cole and Akeri – two amazing leaders and role models!


View more photos from the night

Screen Printing Workshop

4:02 PM


Last week we took a group of kids to Ink Lounge to learn how to screen print our very own t-shirts.  The group learned everything from how to expose the screen print design to how to pull the ink onto the t-shirt.

View Photo Album

The screen printing workshop was not only fun but also brought out the kids’ artistic and entrepreneurial sides.

Thank you to Andrew Baker for helping setup the event and putting together some awesome T-Shirt designs.


Register for 2015 Fall Programs

August 17, 2015 1:56 AM



Fine tune your skills! Fall clinics will focus specifically on lacrosse fundamentals and shooting. Don’t miss this opportunity to get reps.

Dates: (5) Thursdays – 9/10, 9/17, 10/1, 10/8, 10/15

Location: MLK Recreation Center

Times: 5:00-6:30 PM


  • Returning and new participants
  • Kindergarten-8th Grade
  • Boys and Girls



Make your Fall Break a productive one! Camp days will include skill specific lacrosse instruction, fitness, and games.

Dates: Monday, October 19 & Tuesday October 20 (DPS Fall Break)

Location: MLK Recreation Center

Times: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM (8:30 AM Drop off)


  • Returning and new participants
  • Kindergarten-8th Grade
  • Boys and Girls




Backpacking & Camping Trip

August 6, 2015 7:45 PM

A group of five Denver City Lax participants went on a week long backpacking and camping trip on the Oh Be Joyful Trail near Crested Butte, CO.

City Lax partnered with Big City Mountaineers, a non-profit organization who specializes in outdoor wilderness expeditions for urban youth, in order to make the trip happen.



The 7 day trip combines a mentoring programming into an outdoor wilderness expedition where each member of the trip feels empowered.  Each participant is physically challenged, and mentally challenged to think critically about their community, responsibility, and their personal self-discovery.

Thank you to Big City Mountaineers and the amazing trip leaders (Mike Wagner, Phil Mesdag, Zach Taylor, Mike Reilly, and Dan Reilly) who made the trip a special experience!

Also, special thank you to Phil Mesdag for providing all of the great photos from the trip!